Learning goals for each level are clear, age appropriate, systematic, achievable and challenging.

The Little Dalton curriculum recognizes that development occurs at different times for different children since they all learn at a different pace and have varying learning inclinations and capabilities. We tailor our curriculum to meet each child’s individual needs, interests and abilities in order to maximize their learning opportunities. We are dedicated to providing high quality child-centered bilingual education for children aged from 2 years to 5 years.

Early Years Foundation Stage

The Little Dalton curriculum is divided into different age groups: Pre-K, K1 and K2.

Our curriculum integrates the EYFS (the well-respected Early Years Foundations Stage from the English National Curriculum) with a Chinese curriculum developed in collaboration with Tsinghua University Primary School. Learning goals for each level are clear, age appropriate, systematic, achievable and challenging. We offer abundant opportunities to engage children in a variety of learning modalities and focus mainly on literacy, numeracy, arts, social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. The Little Dalton curriculum fosters the interdisciplinary skills of each and every child and aims at strengthening the mind, the body and the spirit.

While Little Dalton’s Curriculum focuses on these seven fundamental areas, it generally applies them through cross-curricular or interdisciplinary teaching. The core of all instruction is literacy, where children will learn various skills related to numeracy, language, arts and crafts, gross motor, fine motor, science and technology and global understanding.

Curriculum Focus Areas

The Little Dalton Curriculum is divided into
seven fundamental focus areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Physical Development


Communication and Language

Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design

Dual Language

Little Dalton is a truly Dual (Putonghua and English) and intercultural school.  Languages are taught through immersion, experiential activities and play. Focused and dual language teaching is built into our curriculum to position students towards bilingualism as well as biliteracy, enabling students to be able to make connections between the two languages and use each as a resource to strengthen the other.  In addition to academic achievement, another core value of our Dual Language approach is socio-cultural competence which plays an equally important role.  Our Dual Language curriculum positions our students to see their similarities and differences as opportunities to learn and connect, and student inquiry regularly provides opportunities for students to see themselves as active members of their various communities and act as advocates in these. 

Chinese Cultures & Values:

At Little Dalton Kindergarten, we place a high value on the role of Chinese traditions, culture and values in student life and development.

Our curriculum highlights Chinese cultures:

  • Benevolence
  • Virtue
  • Trustworthiness
  • Filial Piety
  • Propriety
  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Harmony

The Dalton Plan

The Dalton Plan is based on an educational pioneer, Helen Parkhurst’s strong belief that whenever children are given responsibility for their learning, they instinctively seek the best way of achieving it and execute their decisions with focus and diligence, leading to success.


Little Dalton is a private independent kindergarten with a diverse student body which provides child-centered education for families in Hong Kong.


Little Dalton is a progressive, Dual Language Kindergarten guided by The Dalton Plan. Our curriculum is specially designed and delivered by experts to combine diligence and creativity.


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