Message from the Leadership Team

Message from the Principal  

Welcome to Little Dalton Kindergarten! 

It is my great pleasure to work in Little Dalton Kindergarten with a wonderful team of teachers and staff who are passionate about providing a high quality of education and care to the children.

I graduated in Early Childhood Education from the University of Melbourne and further studied for my Master of Education in the University of Hong Kong. This has built up my strong foundation for working in Early Childhood settings. I’m fortunate and grateful to have met and supported so many different families and staff over the past 20 years. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about how us early childhood educators empower and enlighten our little children to learn and grow, as well as continue to develop professionally in this ever changing world. 

Little Dalton is a child centred and dual language (English / Mandarin) kindergarten underpinned by the Dalton Plan and the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage. The Dalton Plan is one of the most influential and successful child centred educational models in the world, giving children the freedom and responsibility to guide their own learning and lead their lifelong learning process to echo our school motto, “I am not led, I lead.” The Early Years Foundation Stage also gives a well-rounded education to our children to develop all the skills for each developmental level. Little Dalton also strongly emphasizes Chinese values and culture to develop a cultural awareness and respect and value diversity in our community.

One of the special highlights of Little Dalton is that we have three specialists in our school, in addition to the two house teachers in each class. We have music, P.E. and S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) specialists who conduct two sessions of each specialism each week to further explore the interests and talents of each child.

Little Dalton highly values the partnership between home and school and trusts that it is of paramount importance to support our little children to grow and achieve their potential. Our team looks forward to working collaboratively with all families and building up a strong learning community together. 

I look forward to welcoming you to our Dalton community. 

Iris Yung 


Message from the English Head Teacher

As an educator with over 10 years of experience working in Early Years education, I have had the opportunity to teach in a variety of schools and utilize a wide range of curriculums. I was excited to be offered the opportunity to work at Little Dalton in a child-centered environment.  I have spent several years at Little Dalton working in both teaching and leadership roles and I feel privileged to be a part of a school that aligns so well with my own teaching philosophy.

One of the many reasons I particularly enjoy working within the Dalton plan is that as teachers we are able to provide a platform where students can lead their own learning and where they are learning and developing abundantly while having fun.  By providing a space where our students are engaged in a wide range of experiences, hands-on activities, play based learning and student led discussion, our team has the rewarding job of observing students grow into critical thinkers, proactive problem solvers and develop a curiosity which sets in motion a lifelong love of learning.  Watching our students build essential life skills alongside their learning and development affirms my belief in the education approach at Little Dalton.

As a member of this team I have the privilege of connecting with and working alongside a dynamic staff that is committed to making sure every student is provided the opportunities to reach their full potential, regardless of what that may look like.  Our Dual Language programme is structured so that teachers work in teams to support students in both languages as well as collaborate and support each other as team members.  Our staff appreciates that learning is a lifelong process so it is a pleasure to be in a position to contribute to maintaining a space where we learn from each other and are committed to continuously building our craft and improving the experience students and families have at Little Dalton.

Lindsey Riddin 
English Head Teacher  

Message from the Chinese Head Teacher

Hello everyone, Welcome to Little Dalton Kindergarten and the Dalton community!

I graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Master of Education and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. I joined Little Dalton Kindergarten in 2013 and am honored to provide dual language education to young children from all over the world at our school. I believe that learning and mastering two or more languages from an early age can open a window for young children to understand the world and lay a solid language foundation for them.

Little Dalton Kindergarten is a child-centred, dual language (Mandarin/English) school that strongly emphasizes Chinese culture and values. “Child-centered” means that professional educators help guide children to conduct inquiry-based learning through well-designed activities and tasks so that children can lead their own learning. “Dual language” not only means that we cultivate children’s listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. It promotes children reaching high academic achievement, and links it to the importance of the cultivation of socio-cultural competence.

Little Dalton Kindergarten highly values traditional Chinese culture and values. We guide children’s life and learning with the eight Chinese cultural values: Benevolence, Righteousness, Propriety, Wisdom, Trustworthiness, Filial Piety, Courage, and Peace. We as early childhood educators design activities related to these values in each unit of inquiry and infuse these values into the daily teaching activities of young children. During traditional Chinese festivals, we will hold a great variety of celebrations.

Parents express their praise and gratitude for the professionalism, enthusiasm, meticulous care and love shown by the school staff for their children. At the same time, Little Dalton Kindergarten and parents communicate closely face-to-face, through Seesaw and email, or by telephone to build a trusting partnership with our Dalton community. 

I look forward to sincerely collaborating with all families to build a strong Dalton community together! 

Linda Wang  
Chinese Head Teacher 

Message from the Child Care Supervisor

It’s important to emphasize how much I agree with Little Dalton’s educational philosophy. As a mother of two, I understand the importance of assisting a child’s development through providing the appropriate opportunity and environment for children to grow and promote their lifelong learning skills. This allows them to develop confidence, creativity, critical thinking and responsibility.

Having 16 years of teaching experience has given me the opportunity to work in different environments, teaching and managing different age groups from playgroup to K3 and understanding new ideas to help me teach effectively. Teaching is my passion and working with Little Dalton has increased my enthusiasm to educate the bright young minds with no bounds.  

I’m very much interested in contributing to the Hong Kong Early Childhood education system, which I believe is a crucial stage of a child’s development. Throughout my career, I have followed the philosophy of motivating and developing an urge of learning amongst my students. I believe in the practicality of what is introduced to the children and have a strong passion to enlighten young minds. I am honored to be part of the Little Dalton team. It allows me to execute my philosophy, build strong and positive relationships with families and children, and work with others to gain and adapt innovative ideas to meet the needs of each child.   

Sandy Chan 
Child Care Supervisor