mission and philosophy


The mission of Little Dalton is to provide a progressive, creative, nurturing bilingual learning and teaching environment of excellence that:

  • responds to each student’s interests, abilities and needs while building a solid foundation of skills to fulfil their academic and non-academic potential; and
  • develops students into compassionate contributors who respect, appreciate and promote the diversity and moral values in our communities.


The Dalton Plan is the keystone to our philosophy.  We aim at providing an environment in children’s early years that nurtures their natural inquisitiveness, develops self-confidence in their own capacity to problem solve and succeed, exploits their natural ability to acquire languages, and educates them to be responsible and independent learners and thinkers.   Little Dalton challenges each student to develop intellectual independence, creativity, and a sense of responsibility and respect towards others both within the school and in the wider community.

Students are taught to take the lead in their own life-long learning process. Our motto is:

“Non ducor, duco” – I am not led, I lead”

The Dalton Plan

The Dalton Plan is based on Parkhurst’s strong belief that whenever children are given responsibility for their learning, they instinctively seek the best way of achieving it and execute their decisions with focus and rigor, leading to success.


Little Dalton is a progressive, bilingual kindergarten guided by The Dalton Plan. Our curriculum is specially designed and delivered by experts to combine rigour and creativity.


If you have any questions on admissions, please email us at
(West Kowloon Campus)


Unit B, G/F, Imperial Cullinan 10 Hoi Fai Road, Kowloon T: +852 3612 5760 E: info@ldk.edu.hk

Our Events

David Schwarts Post Event

“Thrilled with Math and Science”

With the same energy, clarity and humor he uses in his books, David Schwartz, author of “How much is a million?” wowed audiences as an “Ambassador for Math”.

Dalton Learning Lab X Mini Dalton Open Day

Dalton opened its door at Cyberport with fun-filled activities for the whole family to enjoy! Mini Dalton invited parents to a 20-minute taster music playgroup session to fully experience the fun with little ones! And to keep things extra fun while parents

Volvo Ocean Race Education Program!

DSHK students jump on board the Volvo Ocean Race Education Programm! Students are learning how what they can do in their daily lives can impact upon the environment. The students have been learning the problem of plastic in ocean and adapted it to use in math and music class.