Curriculum Values

Anchored by our mission, philosophy and principles, our curriculum revolves around the following values:

An exceptional child

    • Every child is unique. They all have different needs and learning abilities. We recognise that every child learns differently and every area of learning is equally important.
    • Interaction between the child and the teachers is based on the acknowledgement of every child’s differences.
    • A supportive and warm environment coupled with caring adult support brings out the potential of every child.

Partnership between school and parents

    • Parents and teachers work closely together to update each other of any progress and changes in the child’s development. This enables the teachers to understand their students better in every aspect.
    • Parents and teachers communicate via the school diary to maintain a constant flow of information.
    • The school also provides regular updates on each child’s development through the Learning Journey and formal school reports.
    • Families are encouraged to use our Library resources to maintain a routine of home reading as a vital element of each child’s developing literacy skills.
    • Parents’ involvement in school activities will bring out a supportive and warm environment that promotes better learning opportunities and outcomes for each child.
Self-discipline and social manners
    • An orderly, peaceful and safe environment is best for every child. They learn best with clear boundaries and routines.
    • Children work better with a specific, clear and consistent set of rules as this helps them to learn about causality and consequences and empowers them to make sensible choices.
    • Moral values and socially acceptable behaviours are cultivated through their time at Little Dalton to help children to negotiate any new environment in the future and to become a
      responsible member of their community.


    • Children learn as they play and explore. Play-based learning cultivates a child’s life-long love of learning.
    • Play still forms a part of every child’s life as they grow older. Play is designed to be more structured and controlled as they grow in order to prepare them for a higher level of learning.
    • A structured set of achievable learning goals for each age group promotes age appropriate play-based learning to help develop their motor and social skills, creativity, literacy, numeracy and other practical skills.

Community involvement

    • Little Dalton Kindergarten places great value on sharing, helping and giving. There is a need to understand that there are less fortunate children in this world. And we can help out in our own little ways. Children are given opportunities to participate in charity programmes throughout their time at Little Dalton.
    • We provide opportunities for the children to talk to people of various professions to understand what they do and how they help our community.

Environmental awareness

    • Little Dalton places great emphasis on teaching the children to be eco-friendly and aware
      of their surroundings.
    • Children learn how to recycle material from home. Plastic trays, food squeeze bottles and plastic bottles form part of the art area.
    • It is important for children to learn how to make things, instead of resorting to commercial products all the time. They learn to make useful things and toys from recycled materials, and also to make play dough, face paint and other art materials.
    • Being eco-friendly fosters optimism. Children learn to interact positively with the environment and learn that their efforts can create change for the better.

The Dalton Plan

The Dalton Plan is based on an educational pioneer, Helen Parkhurst’s strong belief that whenever children are given responsibility for their learning, they instinctively seek the best way of achieving it and execute their decisions with focus and diligence, leading to success.


Little Dalton is a private independent kindergarten with a diverse student body which provides child-centered education for families in Hong Kong.


Little Dalton is a progressive, Dual Language Kindergarten guided by The Dalton Plan. Our curriculum is specially designed and delivered by experts to combine diligence and creativity.


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