from teacher

“The problem of discipline is greatly simplified under the (Dalton) plan. Where the child is impelled to his work by interest, he will naturally be a better citizen in his school.”

“Under the Dalton Plan, I could arouse much more interest and enthusiasm for history in the children than under the old system. This was because the children went at their work, seeing beforehand the whole job and the purpose of it all. I can still remember how I hated history when I was at school myself…not having any idea what I was moving towards! Under the Dalton Plan the children do know what they are moving towards, and I find that the children, without exception, are actively interested in history. Such interest on the child’s part begets enthusiasm on the part of the teacher to make his assignments more attractive than ever, and to build up a lasting enthusiasm for the subject.”

“It would be a mistake, however, to assume that less ground is covered under the Dalton Plan than under the old system. The reverse is generally the case, because the children are stimulated by the assumption of responsibility to greater effort. The plan does not pretend to lend itself to the hasty covering of an elaborate curriculum, nor to the acquisition of large amounts of pre-digested intellectual food.”

from student

“I can work better, because it gives me an idea that I am trusted to work, and so I do.” When asked if they would like to have something like a medal or something they very much wanted to reward them of their study, the Dalton student answered, “No, that’s not necessary, the satisfaction is enough. I’d rather just go ahead.”

“I think that this (Dalton Plan) has made me read more books, because I look up things and then read the whole book.”

“Not only does Dalton (The Dalton New York) offer the best educational program, but I personally know kids in almost all of the other competing private schools, and Dalton students are just blatantly the nicest, most supportive, and most appreciative for what school they are able to attend. I cannot even imagine attending any other school; I would be a completely different person, for the worse, of course.”

Source: Parkurst, Helen, Education on the Dalton Plan, E.P. Dutton and Company, New York, 1922; recent student feedback found on the internet

The Dalton Plan

The Dalton Plan is based on Parkhurst’s strong belief that whenever children are given responsibility for their learning, they instinctively seek the best way of achieving it and execute their decisions with focus and rigor, leading to success.


Little Dalton is a progressive, dual kindergarten guided by The Dalton Plan. Our curriculum is specially designed and delivered by experts to combine rigour and creativity.


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